May Every Eve of 2013 be New Years Eve!

31 Dec

Above is the spontaneous video I shot for you earlier! Contrary to Western traditions, I don’t believe in waiting for New Year’s Eve to make my “life changing” resolutions. My philosophy is that if I see the need to change something and it is within my means to do so, … Read More »

Evolving Online & Increasing in Worth

15 Mar

A problem all perfectionist product creators share is that the product is never done. And even if done, there are a million things they want to continually improve on. I am not a perfectionist for the most part, but every time I launch a product, I get this deep down … Read More »

Ready for When Opportunities Strike

21 Feb

A story is told of a mute accountant who was hired by a major drug-lord. The drug-lord figured that since the accountant couldn’t speak, chances of him blowing his illegal operation wide open would be slim. Things went well until one day the drug-lord noticed a huge chunk of his … Read More »

Letting Go of Distractions

14 Feb

Have you ever felt like you were holding on to something that distracted you from doing what you really should and want to be doing? I am not at all talking about things like facebook, twitter, TV or other small things like that (though those can be). These last few … Read More »

Lead by Example & Take Your Own Medicine!

19 Sep

Starting out as an entrepreneur is not always easy – we all know that! Aside from not having friends and family on board with what I was pursuing, my greatest stress was meeting ends needs financially so that I would not starve myself to death. And by starving myself to … Read More »