MyDailyChoice Review

Ever had a friend brag about this new company they joined and how their products are just life-changing? You then buy one or two of their products just to show support for your friend?

That is basically how I came to become a member of MyDailyChoice (MDC). A longtime friend of mine kept bragging about this company he joined and how they were exploding in the cannabidiol (CBD) market. I am not much into CBD, but had heard of the wide-ranging health and wellness benefits of using it, so I started asking him questions about it.

Introduction to MyDailyChoice (MDC)

Before I dive too far into this MDC review, let me get something off my chest: every company has it’s pros and cons. I’ll be diving into both (the pros and the cons) in this review, and I’ll keep my biases out of it.

Meaning I have no intentions of putting MDC down. Nor have I any intentions of putting them up on the highest pedestal (next to sliced bread). I intend to keep this review as platonic as possible and describe the facts as I see them.

MDC Is New

Various aspects of MDC have been around for years. They are integrated with Hempworx for example – which has been around for a while – but even Hempworx hasn’t been around for all that long.

It certainly doesn’t have the maturity of a company like Herbalife, but that isn’t necessarily a point against them. Being fresher on the block means:

  • a more modern approach to business (this is huge. More on this later)
  • a very much untapped market (huge worldwide potential)

Some of the cons that come with this is:

  • few people have heard of the company (no brand recognition yet)
  • growing pains (although the company is working hard to roll out globally as efficiently and hassle free as possible)

The MDC Business Opportunity

MDC, like every Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company of it type, has a multi-level marketing structure in which it’s customers can promote their wide range of products and earn a commission. What’s more, you also earn commissions when your customers start promoting the company to their audiences.

I always have half a dozen different projects on the go, and was super focused on a few of them, so I wasn’t looking to join a “make money from home opportunity” when I joined MDC a few years ago. Despite that though – as a veteran internet marketer – I will say MDC has the best online marketing tools for it’s of any MLM I have ever seen.

In other words, unlike so many traditional MLM companies that expect you to recruit your family and friends through tea parties, it is refreshing to see a company get with the times and allow it’s users to do all the marketing online.

  • No awkward face to face conversations
  • No recruiting your neighbours or family members unless they are actually interested

Not that there is anything wrong with either of those, but it simply isn’t how I like to build a business. I find it too limiting. I prefer leveraging the internet to reach people around the world who are actually interested in what I am selling. Especially now that Covid-19 has people spend more time online.

And this is where MDC shines. They offer their members the opportunity to build as big a business as they could want using their automated web systems. Not only do you get your own store pages, but your own lead generating pages as well.

So all members have to do is drive eyeballs to those pages. If people are interested in what you’re offering, great. They will follow the automated process of signing up beneath you or buying your products. If they are no interested, they will move on.

No hassle and no headaches on your part.

I most certainly appreciate how they brought MLM into the 21st century and definitely think other MLM companies out there could learn a thing or two from them.

The MDC Products

I have had a monthly auto-ship of the various MDC products for the last three or so years where they ship me some of their products every month. It’s pretty cool, and I have definitely become familiar with some of them.

In fact, some of their products (especially their sprays) have been huge game-changers for our family.