My Herbalife Review

After becoming a father in 2014, I started becoming more conscious and more intentional about my health. I realized that unless I took a proactive approach to staying healthy, my daughter would grow up remembering an unhealthy and obese father. No father wants that for their kid!

I started getting more serious about cleaning up my diet, taking vitamin supplements, getting my weight under control, staying more active, etc.

Overall, as  I became more health conscious, I realized that the slight stomach pain I had gotten used to – was not normal. I found out that I had been suffering from intestinal inflammation most of my adult life due to bad snacking habits, ignoring food sensitivities, and overusing antibiotics (which destroyed my good gut bacteria).

No matter what “gut health” products I was experimenting with, I had a hard time getting my intestines to heal. Taking prebiotics, probiotics and eating fermented foods helped alleviate the symptoms somewhat, yet as soon as I stopped consuming them daily, the discomfort was right back.

Addressing My Health Crisis

In my quest to heal my stomach, I’d buy and try supplements from all types of manufacturers. Heck, I even did elimination diets, intermittent fasting, etc. All of which seemed to help, but still left my stomach in a constant state of feeling bloated and my intestines feeling enflamed.

So at end of 2019 I started replacing one meal a day (usually breakfast) with a protein shake. I tried various types of protein powders: whey, soy, lentil, peanut, etc.

The one that my system seemed to like best was soy, yet I had a hard time finding based protein powders – even in GNC and other wellness stores like it.

That is when I remembered trying (and liking) the Herbalife meal replacement shakes when I was younger. I remembered that they were soy based, and so did some research on how to get them, their flavor options, their ingredients, etc.

One thing that stood out to me most was not the fact that they come in a dozen different flavors (which comes handy when you have a shake daily), but the fact that – aside from being an excellent source of soy protein – they were fortified with a dozen vitamins and minerals our bodies need to function optimally.

I started looking for Herbalife distributors I could order from directly. And that is when I was introduced to Luis, an independent Herbalife distributor running a handful of health and wellness clubs in my area.

My Introduction To Herbalife

I ordered a couple different flavors of the Herbalife meal replacement shakes from Luis, and realized how much I loved them. On top of that, they did wonders for me.

  • My intestines started to heal
  • I started to shed some extra pounds (despite feeling like I gained healthy muscle mass), and
  • I have more focused energy (a huge winner for me).

This was all a result of giving my system a break while also fortifying it with the Herbalife meal replacement shakes. I am hooked!

Herbalife: A Way Of Life!

I was so impressed with how much better I was feeling after using those meal replacement shakes that I wanted to also try some of the other products Herbalife is known for. Like their Multivitamins, protein bars, teas, fish oils, etc.

Luis suggested I sign up for an account with Herbalife (as an independent distributor) so I could order all the products I wanted myself at a 25% discount. And so I did.

Instead of buying generic (unregulated) supplements from Amazon or local grocery stores, I started ordering them directly from Herbalife – a company that is helping millions of people around the world with health and wellbeing.

Truth is, I have always appreciated Herbalife’s scientific approach to nutrition. And while I don’t necessarily subscribe to their “calorie deficient” weight loss philosophy, I am 100% on board with what they have done in the last 40 years in terms of helping people live healthier and more nutrition filled lives.

And they have a thousand miles of genuine testimonials to back up their historic standing in the health and wellness space. I for one have massive respect for that!

With that said, I know that no supplement – no matter how good – will ever rectify a bad diet. What I also know is that good supplements can fill in the nutritional gap many of us suffer from in our commercial agriculture and commercial farm derived diets.

For me personally, I take the Herbalife products just about every day to make sure I get at least some of the critical proteins, minerals and vitamins my body needs to function optimally. Yes, I have also cleaned up my diet big time and eat relatively healthy now, but will say the Herbalife products have brought about a balance in my life I will forever appreciate.

Herbalife Has Got Me Covered!

Here’s the thing: I am no health professional. I am no nutritionist, no herbalist, and no doctor (of any kind). So everything I share is strictly my interpretation of the facts as I see them.

But I’ll say this: I have been healthier, stronger, more focused, and more energetic since I started using the Herbalife products. And to me – especially during this health crisis we find ourselves in now – this is invaluable.

I always hate it when people claim they never get sick (because that is just a lie… everyone gets sick sometimes), but I will say I have had a lot stronger immune system these last two years – thanks to Herbalife – than I have ever had.

Despite having a long list of doctors, scientists, nutritionists, etc. on staff to oversee their ever growing list of products, Herbalife does NOT make any claims to cure illnesses or diseases. But I know first hand that their products deliver on what Herbalife DOES promise: overall health and wellbeing!

So, what does Herbalife all offer? Here are just some of their time-tested products:

Herbalife Products

  • Meal Replacement Shakes
  • Multivitamins
  • Fish-Oil Capsules

Herbalife vs Other MLM

Here’s the thing: I have not pursued the Herbalife business opportunity in the last 2 years since rejoining them. I didn’t join them this time around to make money. My #1 goal was to have access to their long line of products.

And even if I never make a dime off of the company, I’ll still continue to be with them. Why? Because of their excellent products!

“But Konrad, why would you not join my business opportunity? We have a long line of health products too!”

I bet you do. Have those products been refined for 40+ years though? Have they stood the test of time and are their formulations signed off by top doctors and scientists from around the world? Does your company have tens of millions of customers around the world bragging how their health has improved since taking the products?

Herbalife can – without bragging – answer “yes!” to all those questions.

“Okay sure. But my company has a better compensation plan!”

Perhaps. How long has that plan been tested and refined in the real world? I did not join Herbalife this time around for the business opportunity, but will say: the fact that they have stood the test of time (40+ years) also says a LOT about their compensation plan.

I have seen a TON of very well intending MLM companies go under in my day, and it was almost always because of subpar products/services or because of a bad compensation plan.

I will never say “my company is the best thing since sliced bread” but I will say: You can’t argue with the 40+ year track-record Herbalife has set in business as well as in health and wellness.

Why Share My Herbalife Story?

It’s simple really: I hope it’ll help someone out there who is:

  • looking to make extra money by joining the Herbalife business opportunity
  • or someone who is looking to improve their health using the Herbalife time tested line of products.

Herbalife is NOT my business. In fact, promoting Herbalife hasn’t been a focus of mine since joining them two years ago.

But… seeing that I plan on being with the company long-term anyway (to use their products), I’m thinking of doing something on the side with it. The whole “multiple sources of income are better than one” idea, you know?

If you have any questions for me regarding Herbalife or would like to join me on this Herbalife journey (either to use their products or as a business opportunity – or both), send me a message. Since promoting Herbalife isn’t my main business, I promise to be helpful without being salesy.

So, send me a message. I’m here to help!